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Battery safety is so important at home when it comes to 9-volts!  So many house fires are started each year by 9 volt batteries starting a spark that causes a fire.  Take a look at this recent article.


February has been declared National Electrical Safety month by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  The first thing that comes to mind with electrical safety is plugging in an appliance, such as a coffee pot, into an electric socket.  But, batteries provide electricity for a great many of devices too such as:  toys, radios, flashlights, television remotes, GPS units, cameras, etc.  And can have the same potential for electrical hazards.


Batteries that are left rolling around in a drawer are a potential fire hazard.  9V batteries can be a dangerous if the double terminal comes in contact with metal objects.  An electrical spark can be created causing a fire.  To help prevent this use Storacell battery caddy’s to organize and protect your batteries.  The patented locking mechanism keeps batteries in place and prevents the terminals from touching other objects.

Here’s an article that talks more about the hazards of batteries and fires.





As we observe Electrical Safety month remember to store your batteries safely.  Keep your family and home safe from unforeseen dangers!

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Powerpax Battery HolderNow that we’ve all changed our clocks for daylight savings, we should check our smoke alarms. Most smoke alarms use 9V batteries and are recommended to be changed yearly. According to the National Fire Protection Association, two-thirds of home fire deaths are the result of no smoke alarms being present in the home. The Storacell 9V Battery Dispenser is a great way to store your batteries until you are ready to use them.

Storacell was among the companies who sponsored the Sub-5 bike Race in Hampshire, IL.  This race is 100 miles in 5 hours.  The race was held on September 8th and all proceeds from registration fees go directly to the Paul Ruby Foundation For Parkinson’s.  Paul Ruby who was diagnosed with the disease, set up the foundation in 2007.  Over 300 people participated and the race raised over $100,000 for the cause.

Bike race to benefit charity foundation is a sucess